Media Partnerships

In this information age of lightning speed, International Broadcasting Networks (IBN) knows how important it is to have solid ties with the media. IBN Media Relationship Management is here to help you.

With IBN Communications Cloud, You Can Effortlessly Explore Any Media Landscape

Relationship building with influential journalists and social media users is no easy feat in today's complex media landscape. Not only is it difficult to identify these key connections, but it is also difficult to analyze them and engage with them in a way that supports your messaging objectives. When it comes to managing your connections with the media, International Broadcasting Networks (IBN) Communications Cloud is a game-changer.

Make the Most of Your Media Presence on IBN's Vast Network

Gaining more visibility in the media relies heavily on the depth and breadth of your media connections. If you're looking to amp up your efforts, go no farther than International Broadcasting Networks (IBN). We provide access to more than 50,000 journalists, publications, and media contacts who are pitch-ready.

Expand Your Reach with IBN: Connect with 100,000 Engaged Journalists

At International Broadcasting Networks (IBN), we open the doors to an expansive network of media opportunities. Imagine having direct access to 100,000 journalists who are actively seeking compelling sources and stories to cover. This is the reality we offer – a vast network where your message can find the right audience and the right storyteller.

Gain Access to an International Web of Influencers with IBN

Amazing global message amplification is possible through International Broadcasting Networks (IBN). If you want your story shared with a wider audience, our platform can connect you with over a billion social media influencers and producers.

The IBN Media Interaction Platform: Global Reach, Up-to-Date Connections

If you want your media interaction plan to reach and resonate with people all around the world, you need International Broadcasting Networks (IBN) on your side. Streamline your search for the ideal connections to fuel your success by connecting with our platform's extensive global network.

IBN: Precision Tools for Perfect Audience Alignment and Performance Analytics

At International Broadcasting Networks (IBN), we understand that successful media outreach is not just about reaching a large number of contacts; it's about making the right connections. That’s why we provide you with sophisticated tools, powered by extensive profiles and comprehensive data analytics, to ensure you connect with the most suitable journalists and influencers for your unique story.

IBN's Powerful Relationship Management: Effortlessly Establish and Monitor Media Connections

Developing and sustaining meaningful connections with influential members of the media is a top priority for International Broadcasting Networks (IBN). In order to make this possible, our platform has sophisticated tools that will allow you to keep track of interactions in great detail and make sure you never miss a chance to follow up.