Media Insights

Big brands rely on trusted specialists and cutting-edge solutions for specialized analysis, insights, reports, and executive summaries. The IBN Insights team is a reliable partner for the world's most valued brands. They specialize in assessing media and communication techniques to see how they affect a brand. This useful knowledge guides informed decision-making, assisting these brands in meeting certain KPIs and commercial objectives.

Media Analysis & Reporting

Learn everything you need to know about communication tactics from our devoted international team of professionals.

The Insight team at IBN combines the knowledge of our specialists with cutting-edge AI-driven media measurement and analytics tools to produce individualized analyses of news coverage.

When corporations encounter difficult communication challenges, they look to our worldwide team for concise solutions to complicated concerns. Whether it's looking into industry trends, measuring sentiment in coverage, understanding engagement with diverse global audiences, or collecting a variety of additional insights, we provide the media measurement and research required to fine-tune your communication and media strategies. Strategic communicators use this knowledge to increase their reach across all media and social networks, achieving the business KPIs they seek.

Executive Briefings

Get personalized executive briefings crafted by IBN's industry experts

Our team works around the clock to highlight, simplify, and clarify the news and coverage that is most important to your organization. We keep your senior leadership up to date and fully informed on stories affecting their brands, products, rivals, and sectors. These briefings are tailored to your specific requirements for frequency, scheduling, and format.