Event Insights

Get the attention and respect your earned media campaigns deserve by highlighting the exceptional value that PR+ (IBN) & Communications brings to your company. As a PR+ (IBN) and communications professional, you'll be pitching stories and promoting coverage for campaigns and major events on a regular basis.

The Right Solution

With an expanding number of channels, you need a system that does more than just provide a summary. You require a technology that can integrate significant information and provide insights into the effectiveness of your efforts.

  • Have you achieved the coverage and awareness you were aiming for?
  • Do you notice an increase in positive brand conversations?
  • Were you successful in directing traffic to your website, and what is the conversion rate of that traffic?
  • Are your efforts effectively reaching the intended target audience and influencing their perception of your brand?
  • What impact are your communication campaigns having on your business results?

If questions like these keep you awake at night, IBN's Campaign and Event Reporting solutions are the quickest path to finding the answers. Our innovative technologies painstakingly watch and measure your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), collecting data to provide precise reports on the performance of your campaigns and events. Metrics are brought to life through interactive dashboards and informative context. You may quickly generate and deliver reports that graphically demonstrate the value and impact your multi-channel communication initiatives have on the business.

Why IBN?

IBN's cutting-edge tools, coupled with our trusted experts, assist companies of all sizes—ranging from startups to government agencies to global brands—in narrating the most comprehensive and accurate story of their PR+ (IBN) campaign and event outcomes. We provide insights into the connections and corrections that can elevate your campaign and event performance to new heights.

Move beyond real-time monitoring and obtain the ability to examine patterns and report on the long-term performance of paid and social media efforts. Evaluate the themes relevant to your story and locate the authors who cover them. Compare the present results to the performance of prior campaigns. Learn about the sources of your engagement—correlate media channels with audience segmentation and particular actions to optimize and improve your campaigns for better results. Keep track of the direct referral traffic. Use our emotion volume tool to instantly evaluate sentiment and understand your audience's feelings about the campaign. With IBN, you can easily track the results of earned and social media campaigns across all channels, create executive-ready reports, and strengthen relationships with the most important journalists and influencers.

Improve the efficiency of reporting and communication.

Creating reports for multi-channel campaigns and events may be difficult and time-consuming, especially when combining data from several sources across traditional and social media channels that evaluate effectiveness in different ways.

Delivering reports that are ready for executives on short notice increases the workload and strain on you and your team.

IBN Comms Cloud's reporting capabilities relieve stress and save time by converting data visualizations from dashboards into professional-quality, interactive reports. These reports can be easily shared with executives and others outside your team, as well as converted into standalone reports and presentations.

Demonstrate the business value of a successful campaign.

Assessing the performance of your campaign or event is incomplete without understanding its immediate commercial impact. This entails gathering data that ties your strategic communication initiatives to key performance indicators, business outcomes, and financial results. To properly tell the tale of your strategic communications campaigns and events, you'll need precise data and vital context. This educated narrative can help to instill trust and confidence in your leaders and stakeholders.

IBN allows you to track audience behavior with verifiable analytics. This way, you'll know exactly how many people read your message and from where segments they came.