Media Metrics

Gain a thorough knowledge, exact assessment, and persuasive communication of the outcomes and impact of your earned media coverage. IBN Communications Cloud Monitoring & Analytics lets you visualize, understand, and manage your brand story, reputation, and communication efforts like never before. All this is done with a single, reliable source of measurements and KPIs.

Superior analytics analyse coverage and assess performance in every way.

To accomplish strategic communication goals, IBN Comms Cloud's media analytics and AI features measure outcomes, provide context, and provide responses. From Comms Cloud, you'll know:

  • Learn how your important messages are portrayed in the media.
  • Determine which tales are connecting with your intended audience.
  • Determine the extent of coverage for you and your competitors in targeted and high-profile media.
  • Examine the tone of your coverage and how it differs throughout articles, campaigns, and versus your competitors.
  • Identify the publications and authors with the most audience reach and influence.
  • Understand who is engaging with your coverage and how it relates to your online traffic, conversions, lead generation, and revenue performance.
  • Monitor how and why coverage and engagement levels change over time.
  • Stay up to date on mentions of major public figures affiliated with your organization, industry, or competitor.

Explore limitless data insights with unlimited dashboards for unrestricted data discovery.

IBN Comms Cloud excels in transforming data into user-friendly, interactive dashboards. Customize these dashboards to show detailed snapshots of important data and key performance indicators (KPIs). Create dashboards that provide numerous perspectives on your coverage or campaigns. Compare your campaign's and earned media's performance to that of competitors or industry benchmarks. Keep track of your weekly, monthly, or quarterly performance to see where you are, or look at year-over-year comparisons for insights into your progress versus competitors, industry standards, or your own milestones.

Examine each activity surge, trend, or specific mention to identify the statistics, clips, journalists, and influencers driving your analytics. Gain a thorough knowledge of what is genuinely having an impact.

Stay on top of the game with customized notifications that keep you informed about events and opportunities. Be one step ahead of probable crises.

Keep yourself up to date on rival announcements, relevant industry news, and unexpected swings in critical data. IBN's anomaly detection algorithms can send you notifications on a daily, weekly, or real-time basis—you can select which matches your needs. Receive notifications on your dashboard and have them forwarded to your inbox, Slack channel, or any other preferred platform where your staff is more likely to notice. Stay connected with ease.

The Impact of IBN

Draw a straight line connecting IBN PR+ to Sales and ROI.

Improve your Comms Cloud dashboards with unrivaled performance reports. Move beyond calculating readership counts and relying on attribution technologies that just track referral traffic. With IBN Impact's powerful analytics, you can receive exact insights into how your campaigns are doing. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise, data-driven reporting to improve your communication efforts.

  • Identify exactly how many people viewed internet publications.
  • Key website conversions such as form fills, transactions, and downloads should be attributed to your earned media initiatives.

Know who's reading your news with in-depth demographic and firmographic data on your readers.