Brand Crisis PR

Choosing the right solution can help you understand and protect your brand reputation, creating brand equity even in difficult times or crises.The most robust brands outperform the market by 96% in terms of shareholder return on investment (ROI). Brand strength is important, regardless of your organization's business.

The Right Solution

To effectively manage your brand in today's complicated media world, you need a trustworthy partner armed with the best reputation management technologies.

With the correct solution, brand owners and strategic communicators can:

  • Keep a careful eye on and precisely measure the main conversations about your brand.
  • Make long-term connections with the media outlets and influencers that are most important to your target audience.
  • Ensure coverage in the appropriate areas and at the right moments for optimum impact.
  • When presented with a problem, respond quickly and precisely based on data.
  • Provide executives and stakeholders with on-demand reports that highlight your brand's reputation and campaign effectiveness.

Why IBN?

IBN is unique in that it is the only vendor that offers a comprehensive, integrated suite of user-friendly tools for public relations professionals and strategists. This package gives you the tools you need to effectively manage your brand strategy, increase brand recognition, and establish trust. You can also benefit from the expertise of a team of sector specialists with over 32 years of PR+ experience to strengthen your brand initiatives.

Over 75,000 worldwide brands have relied on IBN specialists to provide critical insights that validate and quantify brand performance over time. Our professionals are not only great at identifying insights, but they can also help you turn those insights into effective solutions. This entails creating long-term ties that keep you relevant to crucial audiences.

Monitor brand interactions in real time across worldwide media outlets.

Gaining a thorough understanding and assessment of your brand reputation necessitates real-time insights into what customers, journalists, and influencers are saying and feeling about your brand. This includes all outlets, such as print, radio, podcasts, online, and social media, which cover global discourses.

IBN Communications Cloud provides complete media monitoring along with superior measuring and reporting solutions. Data from more than 100 million global media sources is translated into actionable insights, brand-building intelligence, and detailed reports. Our all-in-one platform allows you to manage your reputation and communication initiatives utilizing a single, dependable source of media metrics—with the added benefit of infinite analytics dashboards.

Implement data-driven actions to support and strengthen your organization's brand.

Create meaningful connections with journalists and influencers in order to establish beneficial relationships.

IBN distinguishes itself by combining significant audience insights and effective relationship management with the industry's largest database of pitchable media connections. Engage with a thoroughly researched, information-rich, and regularly updated database of over 850,000 media contacts and outlets. Connect directly with journalists, influencers, and publications who can resonate with your target audience and help shape your brand's narrative. Keep track of all interactions with each contact. Automate follow-ups based on particular criteria, such as contacts who viewed but did not click on your pitch. IBN automatically keeps track of your team's communications with journalists and influencers.