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The 2024 Global Communications Report by IBN and PRWeek provides significant insights into the realm of public relations and communication strategy. It goes into popular themes such as social media trends, influencer involvement, the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, and the growing importance of data-driven decisions in public relations.

Media Monitoring

Mastering Social PR: A Complete Guide to Mastering Social Listening in Public Relations

Social listening is a term that is everywhere nowadays, but it is more than just a trendy industry phrase; it has become a vital component of effective strategies for top-tier public relations, marketing, and communications teams.

Why is it critical? When these teams are armed with the right tools and approaches, they can make stronger connections with their audiences than ever before. However, sorting through the massive sea of data and extracting valuable insights from it are two independent skill sets that require a large investment of time and resources, which many PR professionals frequently lack.

Media Relations

Perfecting the Pitch: Smart PR Strategies Backed by Data

Pitching can be a difficult task for all parties involved. Journalists' inboxes and direct messages are swamped with proposals that frequently fall short email terms of relevancy to their audience and areas of coverage. Simultaneously, PR and communication professionals work to identify, engage with, and capture the attention of the appropriate journalists in order to achieve critical earned media coverage.

Mastering the Pitch: Data-Backed Strategies for Smarter PR provides useful insights into using statistics to create captivating and relevant pitches that not only captivate but also motivate journalists to take action. This, in turn, results in greater earned media exposure and increased brand awareness.

Brand & Reputation Management

New Beginnings in 2024: PR and communication leaders reveal their top goals for the new year.

After three momentous years that have propelled public relations and communication teams into the spotlight, everyone's burning question is, "What's on the horizon?" What exactly do industry executives want to achieve in 2024? This topic was presented to communication leaders from around the world as part of the upcoming 2024 IBN and PRWeek Global Comms Report. While the full study will be released later this month, we're giving you an exclusive preview peak at some of the thought-provoking replies we received when we asked, "What is your team's most significant goal for 2024?"

Media Planning & Strategy

Crucial Factors for Your PR Budget: Securing the Resources You Require

How Much to Allocate for Public Relations: A Question We Hear Frequently at IBN. The allocation of resources for public relations is a topic that frequently comes up for discussion here at IBN, and understandably so. Public relations plays an integral role in the success of any organization, and like any effective business endeavor, it necessitates an appropriate level of financial support.

Regrettably, there's no simple, universal answer to the question of how much to invest in public relations.