Content Boost

Maximize the effect of your content by increasing reach, reactions, and value with each item you generate. It is about transforming every attempt into an opportunity to connect, engage, and provide genuine value. Allow your content to work harder for you, ensuring that it reaches the intended audience and creates the responses and value you expect.

What's the significance of compelling content? Engagement.

Your content developers devote significant time and resources to creating high-quality content assets like as press releases, videos, webcasts, podcasts, blog entries, white papers, infographics, and more. Each piece of content you create is more than simply information; it is a valuable asset that has the ability to improve understanding of your message, gain a share of voice, attract quality leads, and strengthen your brand. It's more than simply content; it's a deliberate investment in establishing a stronger, more impactful presence.

Yes, even the most fascinating content will not reach its full potential until it engages the audience. Digital content amplification is the key to obtaining this level of engagement. This entails increasing the reach of your content by advertising it across a number of channels and platforms that your target audience uses and trusts. The most efficient digital content amplification solutions provide the tools and capabilities required to:

  • Repurpose press releases, videos, webcasts, blog articles, and more for earned, paid, shared, and owned media channels.
  • Retarget content to different audiences or bespoke campaigns.
  • Republish information in several acceptable places.
  • Report on the content performance metrics and KPIs.

Why IBN?

IBN provides your communication specialists with the necessary tools and know-how to boost your digital content. This implies they can improve the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy across a wide range of media campaigns. We have what it takes to ensure that your communications reach more people and have a greater effect. With IBN, your content strategy is in high gear!

At IBN, we take digital content to the next level, and this is why we're ahead of the competition: we have the world's largest global newswire distribution platform. And that is just the beginning.

IBN is the gold standard for all organizations. Whether you're big or small, we can help you reach more people with each piece of content you generate. And, hey, we have the receipts to show that your material is having a genuine impact on your bottom line. IBN is the place to go for valuable content!

Boost visibility. Increase involvement. Produce an impact.

IBN makes it simple to get your story out there, reaching some of the world's largest and most respected networks and publications. Your message receives the attention it deserves, reaching audiences worldwide in no time.

Some stories necessitate more than just a press release pickup. You want your story to be told in your own terms, rather than through a journalist or influencer. You want it published as soon as possible on outlets that your target audience trusts. Not just the tale, but everything connected to capturing attention and driving visitors to your website. It's about putting your narrative front and center, just the way you want it.

Reach, grow, and engage a social media audience through your story.

In a world with billions of social media followers, you can't afford to ignore this effective information amplification channel. IBN connects you with influencers and professionals who have the potential to increase your content's visibility by millions of views. It's about reaching out to a large audience and spreading your message with the support of folks who have actual influence in the internet world.