Social Listening

Gain real-time, 24/7 insight into consumer and influencer interactions to strengthen your campaigns and make more educated strategic communications decisions.

Why would you need social listening?

Yes, social media is a double-edged sword for PR and communications teams. On one side, it gives customers unparalleled control over your company's reputation. On the other hand, it gives your team an incredible opportunity to analyze how messages are resonating with target audiences. It is a powerful instrument that requires smart application and close observation to handle the complexity it introduces.

Consider this: For years, having a better understanding of how consumers' opinions, perceptions, and attitudes affect your organization has been difficult. Traditionally, sending out questionnaires and asking for honest answers has limitations. The data you need for meaningful insights is now at your fingertips—in billions of conversations taking place on social networks.

However, for most teams, efficiently monitoring millions of discussions for insights is a challenging undertaking. This is when social listening becomes crucial. A powerful social listening solution keeps your team up to date in real time on key changes in what consumers and influencers are saying about your brand. It reveals the 'why' underlying these shifts through the use of analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). Is there a growing customer service issue, or are you part of a positive trend? IBN Social Listening provides you with the tools and insights you need to respond quickly and effectively, avoid crises, outperform competitors, and protect and strengthen your brand.

Why IBN?

IBN Social Listening, powered by Brandwatch, offers the most comprehensive social media monitoring and consumer digital intelligence. It serves as your eyes and ears in the social media scene, providing 24/7 monitoring and real-time, AI-driven analysis of the world's largest database of online interactions.

IBN allows you to monitor and track a greater number of brand mentions, emerging trends, and sentiment shifts. This means spending less time worrying about social media and more time using it to improve your PR+ marketing strategy and strengthen your organization's reputation.

Handle and relieve situations with timely, intelligent responses.

In the fast-paced world of social media, where consumers and influencers create vast amounts of content every second, the ability to quickly identify and monitor potential issues before they grow into a crisis is critical. Without the appropriate data, analysis, and communication tools, your team may be caught off guard and unable to respond in time to mitigate or prevent damage.

IBN Social Listening serves as your 24/7 crisis communication partner, keeping your team informed and proactive at all times. Our investments in data science, social media analytics, and artificial intelligence enable you to discover anomalous activity or impending crises in real time within conversations on all major social networks, as well as thousands of review sites and online forums. Notifications notify you of discussions regarding your firm, as well as industries, rivals, and issues that are important to you. Robust analytics and reporting allow you to evaluate events across numerous social platforms, share insights with your team or organization, and alter plans in reaction to the situation.

Understand exactly where your reputation stands.

Understanding how customers and influencers perceive your company is critical for successful businesses with trusted brands. Today, evaluating your organization's reputation necessitates continuous, real-time insights into the thoughts and opinions of customers and influencers across billions of online discussions worldwide.

IBN provides this information to you through a single, interactive dashboard. You can view what others are saying about your team, including when, when, and how they are saying it. Monitor spikes and dips in brand mentions, instantly identify conversational trends, and discover new debates and phrases to improve both your PR+ efforts and your organization's reputation. Search for material and sources using hashtags, keywords, and related topics. Analyze social data visualizations such as heat maps, sentiment analysis, and topic wheels.