Navigating earnings seasons for public firms entails more than just completing fiscal regulatory standards. It provides several possibilities to educate the market, establish reputation, and gain support from analysts, shareholders, and future investors.

Leverage regulatory compliance as a tool for brand-building.

Businesses can completely capitalize on these opportunities by:

  • Streamlining the procedure of filing financial disclosure records with regulatory authorities.
  • providing self-service access to the most recent material news and disclosures.
  • Strategically communicating financial news, disclosures, and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) highlights to the financial community and the general public.

Why IBN?

IBN is a trusted resource for regulatory filing services, aiding with over 8,000 earnings releases per year.

IBN offers a comprehensive solution for financial regulatory compliance, leveraging cutting-edge technology and strong collaborations with industry experts. This includes one-click EDGAR filing, exact distribution of financial news, and the building of investor and ESG microsites.

IBN enables you to achieve compliant filing and financial news distribution in a single step.

Working with numerous vendors on separate filing documents can be time-consuming, resulting in potential discrepancies and costly errors.

IBN simplifies the process and lowers risk by combining compliant filing and news delivery into a single, simplified operation. You simply need to proofread one copy of your documents for each channel (wire, website, email, and regulatory filing). In collaboration with Donnelly Financial Services (DFIN), a renowned compliance solutions provider, filing the relevant documentation with the SEC is as simple as checking a box. When you announce news, your documents are automatically and concurrently submitted with EDGAR.

Investor relations and ESG websites are fully hosted and require little to no interaction.

A dedicated investor relations (IR) website is required for any publicly traded corporation. Furthermore, an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) microsite is becoming increasingly vital for businesses seeking to attract ecologically and socially conscientious investors and customers. Keeping these sites up to date is critical for preserving a strong reputation among analysts, investors, customers, and influencers.

IBN provides a secure, fully-hosted, customizable Investor Relations (IR) or Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) website solution that automatically refreshes when combined with IBN PR+ Newswire and regulatory filing solutions. IBN creates, builds, and hosts a microsite that is consistent with the visual identity of your web presence. When you release important news and disclosure papers via PR+ Newswire, the content is automatically published on your website.