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Where your message doesn't just reach audiences, it captivates them. PR+ is your key to mastering the art of strategic communication, ensuring every story you tell is not just heard, but felt and remembered. Get ready to amplify your influence, refine your approach, and watch your narratives spark meaningful connections.

The Perfect Solution!

Join Public Relations Plus (PR+), your all-in-one solution for mastering the complexities of modern public relations and brand enhancement, on a journey to redefine the art of strategic communication. Our cutting-edge technology is more than just a tool; it's a communication strategy revolution designed to help communication professionals achieve their PR and brand-building objectives. PR+ is a leader in the field, providing unparalleled assistance with a wide range of communication activities. Whether it's increasing brand awareness, cultivating long-term relationships with journalists, managing and protecting your brand's reputation, expertly navigating crises, meticulously measuring campaign success, or providing insightful reports to executives, PR+ streamlines and satisfies every aspect of communication.

Why IBN?

IBN Is Your Go-To Expert for Best-in-Class Solutions and Expertise Across the Entire Communications Workflow!

  • Spread the word far and wide with the unequaled reach of Public Relations Plus (PR+) and the powerful amplification of Guaranteed Paid Placement.
  • Connect with the world's largest media database, which simplifies the formation and administration of partnerships with journalists and influencers.
  • Keep up to date with the most extensive worldwide media monitoring available.
  • Deep analytics provide important insights by providing data-driven, actionable information. Take it a step further with professional analysis and briefings from industry experts.
  • Secure triumphs by making a significant and measurable effect on the business. Make success your tale!

Improve your media coverage, reach, and campaign effectiveness on a regular basis.

Elevating Your Story Above the Noise with IBN!

According to the most recent International Statistics research, PR+ professionals outnumber journalists seven to one in today's media environment. This uneven ratio, combined with a more fragmented media landscape, provides an extra layer of difficulty for your PR+ and strategic communication teams. Standing out and capturing the attention of journalists and influencers, gaining coverage in trusted media, and reaching your target audience has become more difficult than ever.

Begin with the industry's most powerful and successful Public Relations Plus (PR+) distribution network's unparalleled reach and experience!

IBN PR+, you can extend your influence by targeting the audiences who genuinely matter for your story, increasing your efficacy with each press release you send out!

  • Connect with more than 440,000 newsrooms, direct feeds, and subscribers, including 270,000 journalists and 9,000+ digital media outlets. It has the greatest global audience in the industry, including broadcasting, and digital journalists, as well as influencers. Your story is going to make a huge impact!
  • Rely on our skilled editorial team, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to not only proofread your release for errors, but also to aid you in properly targeting your news and optimizing your material for immediate and long-term SEO performance. Your tale is in good hands!
  • With every release, you'll receive a complimentary Visibility Report! This comprehensive report includes online press release pickup, traffic insights, audience data, engagement metrics, and more. It's our way of keeping you up to date on the impact of your story!

Discover and build relationships with the best journalists and media outlets to help bring your story to life!

IBN delivers the most comprehensive and powerful media database in the industry, placing thoroughly studied, completely vetted, and pitch-ready journalists, outlets, influencers, and opportunities at your fingertips. Everything in one location, on your PC. Our service makes it easier to find the right contacts for your story. Launch targeted, integrated, data-driven campaigns to ensure your organization receives the coverage it deserves!

IBN's professional research staff rigorously curates each contact and implements over 20,000 database upgrades everyday. You can count on us to provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information available. Keep up to date with the most recent information!

Gather, Evaluate, Document, and Improve Campaign Performance with Data-Driven Insights!

Utilize our cutting-edge tools to decipher your media ecosystem. Learn how your message resonates with your audience, follow the actions they take, and assess the overall performance of your strategic communications efforts. It is the key to continuous improvement and maximizing your performance. Allow our industry-leading tools to drive you to success!

IBN provides robust media monitoring that is boosted by AI-driven analytics. This combination provides you with a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of how your campaigns affect journalists, the media, investors, customers, and, ultimately, your bottom line. Keep up to date with precision and insight!