Media Oversight

IBN Communications Cloud Media Monitoring does more than just track how frequently your brand is mentioned. With IBN Communications Cloud Media Monitoring, you can spot trends, gauge the effectiveness of your plans, and make smart choices to ensure your messages really hit home.

Discover what people are saying about your organization and why it's important.

The average adult spends more than 11 hours a day engaged with media. Every piece of content about your company, its leaders, products, and industry contributes to how your target audience perceives you, which eventually influences their purchasing decisions.

It's critical to have a worldwide perspective on all of your company's news, including internet, print, social, and broadcast media. Furthermore, you should be able to easily identify which stories have the greatest influence on your reputation and are driving market changes.

IBN Communications Cloud Media Monitoring goes beyond simply tallying mentions. You can easily see trends, evaluate the effectiveness of your plans, make data-driven decisions, and communicate with critical media contacts. You have complete control over the kind of information that shape your company's reputation.

Do not limit your message, and neither should your monitoring.

IBN Media Monitoring consolidates a wide range of media content into a single platform. You have access to more than 100 million sources from 190 countries and 96 languages, including:

  • Tens of thousands of print and paywalled periodicals, ranging from global and national dailies to regional and local ones, trade publications, consumer magazines, and business journals.
  • Our coverage includes more than 2,700 domestic and international television and radio stations.
  • We have over 35,000 podcasts as part of our broad media monitoring.
  • We bring you millions of posts from top social media platforms, online forums, and review sites as part of our comprehensive media monitoring.

Gain insight into how media coverage affects corporate outcomes and develop data-driven communication strategies.

IBN's user-friendly PR dashboards and analytics turn media monitoring into actionable insights. They expose hidden elements in your coverage, track success toward your communication objectives, and enable you to optimize future efforts.

  • Using data visualization tools, you may analyze audience metrics, coverage sentiment, share of voice, geographic heat maps, social media amplification, and more. These tools help you make sense of your coverage, identify areas for improvement, and develop optimization methods.
  • Show your impact on business outcomes by presenting unique metrics such as verifiable views of earned media articles and quantifiable actions such as form fills or website purchases. Make your achievements obvious and engaging.
  • Get detailed metrics for each article, including reader demographics and firmographic data. Understand your readership at a granular level to gain more specific insights.
  • Improve your media outreach by discovering prominent journalists and influencers in your industry right from your monitoring platform. You may easily view their profiles and make significant contacts to build your interactions with them.

Dynamic reporting features make it simple to share your successes.

Say goodbye to screen capture and spreadsheet manipulation. Sharing your earned media successes with company executives and teams is made simple with straightforward reporting and communication tools—no more cutting and pasting information into slides.

  • Combine clips and data to produce powerful automated emails, spike warnings, newsletters, slideshows, Slack updates, and more.
  • Easily create personalized reports with advanced analytics features.
  • Use our API to visualize earned media results in your internal apps, guaranteeing consistent reporting throughout your organization.