Investor Relations

From beginning to end, implement a comprehensive communications strategy to inform and persuade investors, analysts, shareholders, and the media.

Combine Investor Relations IRĀ and Public Relations (PR+) efforts to impact financial markets with your news.

When you have important financial news to report, it's not only about complying with disclosure laws; it's also an excellent opportunity to get media attention for your business. This can improve visibility, credibility, and audience behavior.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you will need an Investor Relations (IR) and PR+ solution that seamlessly integrates IR and PR capabilities. This integrated approach enables you to influence analysts, investors, and the media with your news. The correct solution will assist you:

  • Create compliant and attractive financial news releases that reach a wide range of relevant analysts, investors, and business/financial media sources.
  • Simplify filing procedures with regulatory agencies such as the SEC.
  • Make sure that analysts, shareholders, influencers, and potential investors can quickly access your news, reports, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) disclosures via dedicated microsites.
  • Plan and execute professional investor webcasts and teleconferences using cutting-edge technology.

Why IBN?

IBN IR provides public firms with a solid technology basis for planning and executing an effective investor and analyst relations communications strategy. Our integrated suite of capabilities and value-added services, which includes the industry's leading global newswire distribution, 24/7 IR expert support, compliant single-click SEC filing, customizable IR and ESG microsite solutions, and full-service teleconferencing, bridges the gap between IR and PR+. This integration streamlines and improves all aspects of shareholder communications.

Our professional staff works with thousands of IR teams to guarantee your financial story is accurate and ready for amplification. Last year alone, we worked with teams to enhance SEO and fix over 22,000 errors before their content was published.

Leading publicly traded brands, including Chipotle, Netflix, and Microsoft, rely on IBN to help them plan transparent, powerful earnings and financial news campaigns. These efforts are designed to increase investor awareness, credibility, and confidence.