Digital NewsRoom

Get a high-quality digital newsroom and investor relations (IR) website that is custom-made, compliant, and designed by communication experts. We don't just design and create; we also host and support them. Imagine an IR website that serves as a one-stop shop for all of your investor relations requirements. It's similar to having a microsite devoted to impressing and enlightening your shareholders and investors.

Distribute your news and update your website using the same approach.

When you announce your earnings or publish a breaking news story, you want to capture everyone's attention and make it easy for them to get all of the data.

Ensuring that your most recent news is readily available on your website may appear simple, but it is not always true. For many firms, getting something uploaded requires web teams, review cycles, and time that communication teams frequently do not have.

That is where we step in. When you release your organization's news via the wire, we ensure that it is immediately, smoothly, and automatically available on your website. No delays, no extra steps—just quick and effective communication.

Why IBN?

At IBN, we combine strategic communication expertise with sophisticated technical skills to design, build, and manage your newsroom, IR website, and ESG microsite. Here's the catch: when you utilize our PR+ service to communicate your news, it doesn't end there. It easily and instantaneously changes your website. There is no need for extra processes or delays; it just works. Your news is distributed, and your website is immediately available and up to date.

It's no surprise that hundreds of Fortune 500 firms, including those listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and OTC, rely on IBN. They trust us to design, host, maintain, and manage their specialty websites. We've gained their trust by providing high-quality services suited to their specific needs. IBN takes careful care of your web presence.

A attractive, compliant IR website will attract investors and build shareholder confidence.

Consider your IR website to be in a perpetual high-stakes struggle for the attention of investors, analysts, and journalists. It's more than just a website; it's a portal that should provide easy access to vital information including quarterly earnings statements, important news, the most recent financials, event replays, stock details, and more.

But it's more than just presenting statistics; it's also about expressing your company's financial story in your preferred format, all while following disclosure and compliance obligations. We understand the importance of striking the right balance, and our IR websites are designed to engage, inform, and meet both your narrative and regulatory requirements. It's your financial narrative, delivered your way.

Demonstrate your company's ESG strategy and commitment

Investors and customers are increasingly demanding transparency in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. In fact, an impressive 82% of asset managers currently consider ESG factors when reviewing and making investment decisions. By displaying your ESG journey on your website, you not only demonstrate your commitment to ESG initiatives, but also establish confidence with analysts and investors. It's an opportunity to take control of your ESG narrative, boosting confidence and demonstrating your dedication to responsible business practices.

An IBN ESG Website allows you to create a dynamic, branded hub for all of your ESG updates, yearly reports, and other ESG-related material and tools. This hub may be simply integrated into your IR website or used as a standalone ESG microsite. Similar to IR Websites, our ESG Websites include personalized design, development, and hosting services.

Here's how it works: when combined with IBN PR Newswire, each ESG-related press release and disclosure is instantly routed to your ESG hub the moment it is distributed. It's an all-in-one solution for keeping your stakeholders informed and engaged in your ESG initiatives.