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The International Broadcasting Networks (IBN) has recently launched a new Public Relations Platform called Public Relations Plus (PR+), aiming to redefine the landscape of public relations platform and earned media software. PR+ offers a range of services designed to enhance public relations efforts.

The Future of Strategic Communication and Brand Development: IBN Public Relations Plus (PR+)

We at International Broadcasting Networks (IBN) believe that strategy communications are what really make a business, organization, or brand go. Specialists in corporate communications are more important than ever in today's dynamic corporate environment. They are tasked with the vital responsibility of building and protecting brand reputations, and these professionals are doing more than simply conveying information; they are propelling CEO agendas.

The Origins of Wire News Services

The concept of wire news has its roots in a significant technological advancement of the 19th century: Samuel Morse's creation of the telegraph in the 1830s. This introduction marks the beginning of a new era in communication and information dissemination, laying the foundation for what would eventually evolve into modern news media.

Together, we are stronger

Collaboration is key; Working together is essential; we prioritize teamwork. Together, we're undeniably stronger.

Be Genuine. Be You

Your strengths and ideas matter, as does your authentic self. Every individual is unique, and we value that uniqueness in you.

Visualize The Unimaginable

We persistently innovate, crafting creative solutions and overcoming hurdles to forge a brighter future collectively.

Make an Impression

Every single day, we channel our unwavering determination to "make it happen." Unleash your passion because you truly make the difference.

Take Ownership

Take responsibility. Seek solutions and follow through on your promises. Be accountable for your actions.