Investor Relations

Go above and above mandatory disclosures. Increase your reach, impact, and interaction with analysts, investors, shareholders, and the media by effectively communicating your financial story. For many years, publicly-traded companies have relied on IBN to enhance their investor relations communications

Combine Investor Relations (IR) and Public Relations (PR+) into a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Save time, reduce risk, and increase visibility for your essential news.

IBN offers a specially integrated range of tools and services for managing the whole earnings workflow. We help investor relations officers with disclosures and filings, build IR and ESG websites, and plan online investor events for results announcements. IBN IR technologies are intended to expedite your IR procedures, decrease the risk of noncompliance, improve communication effectiveness, and increase investor and shareholder trust in your business and financial story.

Make sure your financial news reaches a larger audience, including analysts, investors, and stakeholders.

Expand your financial news coverage to include media channels relevant to your business.

  • Take advantage of our cooperation with Ipreo to send your news to well curated lists of over 100,000 buy-side and sell-side analysts and fund managers. These professionals are affiliated with 22,500+ financial institutions across 34 industries worldwide, eliminating the need for an additional, costly investment for investor targeting.
  • Share your news on over 4,000 financial, news, and research websites, including popular ones such as Yahoo! Finance, Benzinga, and Insider. Use IBN's large full disclosure networks to get wide visibility.
  • Send your news directly to the inboxes of thousands of journalists through IBN's opt-in PR+ for Journalists community. This way, you can secure valuable earned media coverage for your brand.
  • A complimentary Visibility Report will be provided with each press release dissemination. This report will help you measure and understand the reach of your narrative while also providing vital insights into its impact.

Save time and effort

Minimize the risk of expensive inconsistencies and filing errors.

  • Make changes once, and see them seamlessly reflected in all outputs—news release distribution, website posting, investor alerts—to reduce inconsistencies that could lead to penalties, unfavorable analyst reviews, or impact your stock value.
  • Benefit from single-click compliant filing with EDGAR (for SEC filings) through our partner Donnelly Financial Solutions (DFIN). IBN solutions for SEDAR (for CSA filings) can also seamlessly integrate into your workflow.
  • Rely on 24/7 support from IBN's PR+ and content experts, including a thorough editorial review of your earnings release. With over 8,000 earnings releases and 40,000 IR releases managed annually, we work tirelessly to ensure your release is precisely as intended. Last year alone, we caught over 22,000 errors in client copy before the release went out.

Easily create, edit, and manage an engaging Investor Relations (IR) website.

An IBN IR Website provides a safe, fully hosted, and customizable IR website that completely aligns with your company's digital brand guidelines. You have complete control over your news articles and content, and you have all of the tools you need to provide the required information and transparency to the media, analysts, shareholders, and potential investors.

  • Easily and quickly publish press releases and material from your protected IBN account to your IR website.
  • Enhance your website with fascinating material, such as IBN's interactive stock tools and charts, financial statements, corporate governance information, earnings calls, webcasts, events, and presentations.
  • Send email alerts to investors regarding key updates.
  • Gain insights into your website traffic with precise information on visitors' companies, industries, search phrases, page visits, and more.

IBN provides Investor Relations (IR) websites to over 500 clients, with regular updates, design adjustments, and new additions to keep their online presence current and effective.