Maximize Your Potential with in-depth Understanding of Media

  • Huge Media Database: Peruse our massive database that contains in-depth biographies and contact details of news organizations and journalists from all around the globe.
  • Analytics for Media Intelligence: If you want to know how to properly customize your approach to the media, journalist interests, and coverage patterns, then you should use our in-depth analytics.

Forming Stronger Bonds to Maximize Coverage

Our specialist tools allow you to pinpoint which journalists and media professionals are most pertinent to your organization's objectives, allowing you to engage in targeted outreach. Create and deliver tailored pitches and press releases to your ideal media contacts to boost coverage chances through Personalized Communication.

Make the Most of Your Media Interactions

  • Media Interaction Tracking: Document all of your contacts, conversations, and follow-ups with media, as well as any results you may have.
  • Feedback and Adaptation: Get comments on your outreach so you may adjust and enhance your strategy for media relationships.

Get More and Better Coverage from the Media

  • Strategic Media Planning: Create and execute media strategies that support your company's goals with the help of our tools.
  • Expanded Audience and Recognition: When ties with journalists and media outlets are solidified, it results in more regular and higher quality publicity, expanding the audience for your business.

Integrating Effortlessly with Your Approaches to Communication

Our platform is designed to work in tandem with your larger public relations strategy, so your messaging and branding remain consistent no matter how you engage with the media.

  • Collaborative Tools: Establish a cohesive strategy to media relations by facilitating collaboration among your PR and communications staff.

At IBN, we're committed to providing your company with the knowledge and resources it needs to establish long-term partnerships with the media. Building lasting ties with the media is what IBN Media Relationship Management is all about. It's a way to increase your organization's success and make your voice heard in the media landscape.