Long-Term Monitoring of Interactions

  • Complete Profiles of Contacts: Each journalist or influencer has a detailed record of all their interactions in their profile. Everything you say, do, or respond to in relation to your pitches falls under this category.
  • A Look Back in Time: If you want to know how each relationship has evolved over time, this tool will show you the whole history of your interactions.

System for Automated Follow-Up

  • Intelligent Follow-Ups: Designate contacts who have viewed your pitch but have not yet clicked to get automated follow-ups based on predefined criteria. Engaging with your media connections in a timely and relevant manner is guaranteed.
  • Improved Engagement: The likelihood of keeping in constant and fruitful contact is raised by automating follow-ups based on engagement data.

Coordination of Team Communication

To make sure that everyone is on the same page, IBN's platform keeps track of all your team's discussions with media contacts and influencers automatically.

  • Team Collaboration: You can make sure that all of your outreach activities are aligned and productive by using this tool, which encourages teamwork and cooperation.

Stay Current

Make sure you never miss a chance to communicate with your contacts by configuring the platform to send reminders and alerts for follow-ups.

  • Improved Methods for Linking People: Building better, more fruitful relationships with important media players is easier with IBN since it records every encounter and automates follow-ups.

In managing your relationships with the media, you have a strong partner in IBN. Every engagement contributes towards developing enduring and powerful relationships, and our platform makes tracking and connecting with contacts easier than ever.