Tailored Contact Selection

  • Targeted Profiles: Our platform offers detailed profiles of journalists and influencers, including their areas of expertise, past work, and audience demographics. This information is crucial in identifying the best matches for your narrative.
  • Customized Outreach: With our tools, you can fine-tune your search to find media professionals whose expertise, interests, and audience align perfectly with your message. This targeted approach increases the likelihood of your story resonating with the right audience.

Data-Driven Insights for Optimal Performance

  • Performance Analytics: Leverage our advanced analytics to understand the potential reach and impact of your story. Our tools provide insights into audience engagement, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your outreach.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Use these insights to make informed decisions about which journalists or influencers to engage with, ensuring your efforts are focused and effective.

Streamlining Your Media Relations

  • Efficient Media Matching: Our platform simplifies the process of finding and connecting with the right media contacts, saving you time and enhancing the efficacy of your PR campaigns.
  • Continuous Updates: We regularly update our database and analytics, ensuring you have access to the most current information for your media planning and execution.

At IBN, it's about creating meaningful connections that enhance your media presence and ensure your story is told effectively. With our blend of precise contact selection and robust performance analytics, you’re equipped to make impactful media relations decisions.

Advanced Search and Monitoring Features of IBN: Tailor Your Media Outreach Precisely

International Broadcasting Networks (IBN) offers a suite of sophisticated search and monitoring features designed to optimize your media outreach efforts. Our platform is tailored to give you comprehensive control and insight, ensuring you connect with the right media contacts and stay informed on relevant media activities.

Customizable Filtering Options

  • Versatile Filters: Apply a range of filters like topic, geography, contact type, and publication. This feature allows you to refine your search to the most relevant contacts for your specific needs.
  • Efficient Targeting: Save time and increase effectiveness by focusing your outreach on contacts who are most likely to be interested in your brand’s message.

Targeted Searches with Keyword Functionality

  • Keyword Searches: Use specific keywords to conduct targeted searches, helping you rapidly locate contacts who are already engaged in conversations relevant to your brand.
  • Relevance and Precision: This tool ensures that your search results are both relevant and precise, aligning closely with your communication goals.

Stay Updated with Recent Articles

  • Latest Coverage Tracking: Our platform provides updates on recent articles published by your targeted journalists and influencers.
  • Informed Engagement: Understanding their latest work helps you tailor your pitches and communications to their current interests and coverage areas.

Comprehensive Social Media Monitoring

  • Active Monitoring: Keep a close watch on the social media activities of journalists and influencers. This insight is invaluable in understanding their interests, engagement styles, and audience interactions.
  • Strategic Alignment: Use this information to align your outreach strategy with their content and audience preferences.

Resource Lists for Streamlined Outreach

  • Curated Contact Lists: Create and maintain a list of top media contacts – your ‘go-to’ experts for various themes and campaigns.
  • Ready Access: Having a curated list at your fingertips streamlines your media outreach process, making it more efficient and effective.

Using IBN’s advanced search and monitoring capabilities, you have the power to tailor your media relations strategy with precision and insight. Our platform is designed to make your outreach efforts more targeted, informed, and successful.