Our Media Contact Database Is Unparalleled

  • Wide Applicability: You have access to an unprecedented variety of pitch possibilities thanks to our database's more than 50,000 media contacts.
  • Contacts After Extensive Research: More than just a name and email address, every contact in our database is valuable. Our experienced media research team has researched and curated them with great care, so you can be sure they are relevant and of excellent quality.
  • Extremely Large and Diverse Customer Base: When compared to competitors, our database provides twice as many channels, giving you a wider range of possibilities for narrowing down the audience for your media pitches.

Strategic Reach Out to the Media

  • Relationships Readiness: Our entire network of journalists and publications is waiting for stories just like yours, so don't hesitate to pitch them.
  • Customized Outreach: You may focus your outreach on the journalists and media outlets that are most receptive to your message and audience because of the wide variety of contacts you have.

Ongoing Maintenance and Growth

Database in Motion: Our database of media contacts is dynamic. In order to keep up with the ever-changing media scene and give you access to the most recent information, it is constantly updated and enlarged.

Professional Selection: Thanks to our media research team's curation, you'll never be short on relevant and effective contacts. This will save you time and make your media outreach activities more productive.

In your pursuit of media exposure, IBN's extensive and carefully selected media contact database will be an invaluable asset. Our resources are created to help you reach more people and make a bigger splash with your announcement, story, or product launch.