Content Crafted to Have the Greatest Possible Social Impact

Our goal is to maximize the impact of your content creation investment by optimizing and repurposing each aspect. This will be particularly important on social media platforms where video is highly popular. From press releases and blog posts to white papers and other existing materials, our award-winning team can transform them into engaging movies that are perfect for sharing on social media.

Crafted to Engage Social Media Users

Your material will be prepared for social media and ready to make an impact with the help of Social Video Distribution. We make videos with the intention of getting people to watch and connect with them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

As your material increases in views, likes, and shares, it will elevate your social media profile. Get ready to see your content in a whole new light. Your material isn't only seen; it is noticed and remembered with IBN's expertise. Allow us to take what you already have and turn it into a viral sensation on social media. Then you can sit back and enjoy the fame your material deserves.