Achieve Widespread Exposure with Customized Media Tours

From national platforms to local events, our media tours may be tailored to meet your every need, enabling you to reach critical audiences. Our tailored strategy ensures that your story receives the exposure it merits in the platforms that are important to you.

Virtual Media Tours: Practical, Powerful, and Comprehensive

If you want your media experience to be smooth and powerful, you should use Virtual Media Tours (VMT). Your representative can use VMT to communicate with radio and television stations nationwide without ever leaving their desk. This cutting-edge method offers a convenient substitute for conventional media tours by making use of satellite links and online services such as Zoom or Skype.

Get your message out to a wide audience with no effort and hassle thanks to our new and improved media outreach strategy. If you want your message to have an impact on a national level, IBN's VMT is the way to go. Prepare to revolutionize your media outreach with IBN's stateof-the-art solutions.