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Our philosophy is based on the fundamental concept of Connect, Refer and Grow: To provide an effective business networking platform that helps entrepreneurs build business connections; pass referrals; and grow their client base.

International Business Networking Groups Singapore
IBN is a business referral and networking platform with a strong focus on entrepreneurs and professionals. IBN helps you connect better, through an online referral portal, combined with face-to-face networking meetings to foster closer business relationships.

Founded in Singapore, IBN is the foundation of International Business Network Groups that serve to bring people together for a distributed goal, or distributed set of objectives, such as better business environment. International Business Network Groups allow you to tap into other's viewpoints, get support to achieve your objectives, and create a level of responsibility for acting to do so. Learn more about joining or starting an International Business Networking Groups in Singapore.

How can I use IBN for my Business?
You may use International Business Network as a platform to connect and form Networks with other like-minded individuals. You can keep your Networks updated about your business with your online Gallery, where you can post updates, pictures and videos about your business. You can even create or join events, manage your referrals, chat with IBN members in your Network, and more!

Is there a limit to the number of Businesses networking that I can create?
You can create an unlimited number of Networks. However, trust and credibility is key in building a strong referral network, and thus it would be important that you are an active member in your Network, who spends time networking and building business relationships that will yield quality referrals over time. It's more effective to be an active member in 1 or 2 Networks, actively seeking, building and nurturing business relationships, than to be a non-active member in many Networks.

International Business Networking
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